“One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who sees everything you are and won’t let you be anything less. They see the potential of you. They see endless possibilities. And through their eyes, you start to see yourself the same way. As someone who matters. As someone who can make a difference in this world.” — Susane Colasanti (via a-thousand-words)

There are no heroes…in life, the monsters win.



[Last Days] Tomás Saraceno's Biosphere works are on display in the Long Gallery at GOMA as part of #Harvest until Sun 21 Sep. Read more on our blog


meeting someone with the same music taste is seriously the best thing ever

"I was ten when I started acting. A casting director came to my school looking for kids. I auditioned for a TV movie, and I got it. Acting became an immediate fixation. I was a child, but I was so ambitious." - Ellen PageW Magazine Oct 2014


guess who’s the prettiest, best person in the world?!


bet you thought i was gonna say you like this was some kumbaya-everyone-is-beautiful-glitter-n-emojis ass post.

this the real world you ugly freak bitch!